Don’t we all want the best products at the best prices? Well the time has finally come where buying spectacles has become easy and inexpensive as hell. We at Izex bring to you our Economical category lenses known as “E-CAT”, whose prices are almost half the price of a premium lens. The quality in these lenses have been thoroughly maintained and the focus has been sustained. The focus being to provide best quality spectacle lenses to an average individual at a price never seen before. E-CAT was introduced due to the need of the society which includes us all. Partial vision failure isn’t a rich issue but is a general issue. E-CAT helps an individual to assure themselves in getting a good product which would take care of their eyes and is also pocket friendly.

Lenses included in the E-CAT range are as follows:

  1. Anti-Reflection
  2. Blue Cut
  3. Hard Coat
  4. Kryptok round bi-focal