About us


To become the leading Eyecare brand in India and to remove ambiguity in this field.




  1. Provide eyecare facilities to the needful.
  2. Reduce unorganised and unauthorised movement of goods.
  3. To help people to make their everyday lives clear



Founded in 2016, Izex is an eyewear brand that makes high quality, latest design and the newest technology made lenses for the trendy, educated and advanced Indian. Izex was created to create an impact in the optical and fashion industry to help the trendy users to not only wear their thought but also to give their eyes a complete protection.


The world we live in is extremely beautiful and to see that beauty we work 24*7 to provide the most premium eyecare products to soothe your eyes and give you a life like experience and enhance the image quality of your life.


We not only focus on fashion and techno-wear, as our product is of a medical ailment to damaged vision but we also produce our products with the most sincerity and help a common man/woman to easily obtain our lenses.

We do not manufacture the products in-house but we acquire them from an esteemed organisation in China. We only have exclusive distributors which helps us to keep the costs at minimum, faster delivery and affordable prices.

Our aim is to redefine the way people shop for their spectacles. Since it is an ingredient commodity and people generally focus on the frame/spectacle to buy and forgetting the importance of the lenses. We want to distinguish ourselves from the cheap fakes in the unorganised market and create an identity that stands for quality, assurance and commitment.



Izex lenses being the fastest growing optical company we are trying to cover as much area as possible, currently we are operating in Delhi and we wish to reach out to the whole world. Since our aim is such that we are aiming to establish our presence in every optical store near you which adds on to your convenience and by providing so many options to choose from that perfectly fits in your needs and requirements based on your daily life makes this shopping experience super-exciting. Optical shopping is so thrilling and fun because you get to choose an add-on to your face. The first thing someone notices on your face is your glasses if you wear them. We understand that for that you need a good frame but why to greet someone with smudges, fingerprints and a hazy view? We at Izex provide Anti-reflective coating along with a hydrophobic coat to prevent such cases from happening.

Online shopping is cool and all, but to buy a spectacle online we are hesitant. Hence, we want to make your offline shopping experience better.


Now you don’t have to think again to buy a spectacle lens, you can simply trust Izex.

Our lenses are lighter than the usual and provides an HD vision experience making them a perfect choice for the funky, techy, sober personality that you have.


We believe in creating the kind of lenses, that makes you see the best of things that exist. We try to look into the psyche of our customers, and try to get inspired by the conversations and experiences around us while creating our lenses, to ensure that they are relatable and as per the customers’ needs and usage. We believe in constant and consistent innovation to ensure that our friends get the best product available in the market as per their choice for a pocket friendly price. We not only wish to provide good products to our consumer but we also aim at reducing the level of eye problems and make vision care accessibility a lot easier.









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